English for Academic Purposes: study English for success at university!

English for Academic Purposes: study English for success at university!

‘English for Academic Purposes’ means the English you need to succeed at a university. At SSC , the Academic that is‘English Language Skills’ helps you can get better grades in your academic essays and examinations.

The English for Academic Purposes course trains you in:

  • understanding written academic text
  • Writing essays that are academic
  • giving academic presentations
  • getting involved in academic discussion.

Academic English presentation at Scotland Study Centre

These skills are essential if you wish to flourish in your academic career.

English for Academic Purposes: a approach that is non-traditional

On traditional courses, you learn when you look at the way that is traditional.

As an example, you’ve got probably discovered that, when writing an academic essay, you want an ‘Introduction’, a ‘Body’, and a ‘Conclusion’. But this sort of basic structure can be as useful as a doctor letting you know that you’ve got a ‘Head’, a ‘Body’, and ‘Feet’. This basically means, it is useless.

At SSC you actually learn to structure academic essays. You learn by:

  • using an infinitely more structure that is detailed teaches you what you need to placed into each section of your essay.
  • analysing example essays to comprehend how they are structured and exactly how language can be used in them.
  • redrafting essays with your teacher in class.
  • learning, as you analyse and redraft essays with your teacher, an amount of basic techniques/tricks which make essay writing much easier and more effective.

The techniques you learn from the Academic that is‘English Language Skills’ course help you to:

  • write essays
  • Read texts that are academic
  • Give presentations that are academic.

An awareness for this same structure can also be useful for you when you have to read academic texts as soon as you have to structure academic presentations.

English for Academic Purposes: Insights into British Academic Culture

The ‘English Academic Language and Skills’ course also provides insights into simple tips to succeed in the British academic culture. Read more