U.S. cannabis prices fall due to oversupply

U.S. cannabis prices fall due to oversupply

The cost per lb of appropriate cannabis has plummeted in January because of oversupply.

Analysts at Cannabis Benchmarks, an agency that is independent keeps an eye onthe spot that is commodity’s index within the U.S., stated that the overabundance of cannabis has delivered the wholesale rates regarding the stated commodity as a “free autumn.”

Based on the Cannabis Benchmarks report, the U.S. spot price index for weed is at a nationwide average of $1,292 per pound within the week that is third of January. This cost represented a 3.5 percent decline through the week before that.

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Spot price could be the current market value at which a commodity can be Bought or sold for instant delivery.

Cost drop is significantly driven by decrease in Oregon’s cooking pot costs

The Cannabis Benchmarks report attributed the overall fall in cannabis rates to your week-over-week decrease within the wholesale rates of cannabis in their state of Oregon. Read more